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Welcome to the world of professional cleaning.

For far more than four decades professional cleaning is our core business. Not only to produce but also to invent the whole recipe of professional cleaning chemistry for several branches in the industry. Approving them thoroughly by professional users in each global industrial sector. By doing this, we respect the efficiency of our chemicals the same as we pay attention to their economical aspect too. With the same passion and proffesionality we adapt – not only to the requirements of  the instances and authority, but also the responsible  compatability with human and nature.  We work for all our product lines with the same  acccurancy, attention and dedication, to offer you the best portfolio of professional cleaning. Striving to meet the highest requirements worldwide, with regular audits and approvals regarding ISO 9001-2015.  

Sustainability, efficience,quality and economy are our biggest principles as we cerate our recipes and products.

 Check out the world of real professional cleaning!